Congratulations to a bright personality and the tireless explorer of archetypes collective unconscious Oksana Kozhemyakina!

We are proud of our extremely active participant in the Ukrainian School of Archetypes and welcome the newborn doctor philosophical sciences
Oksana Kozhemyakina!

The community of the Ukrainian School of Archetypes is proud of its active participant and welcomes the newborn Doctor of Philosophy – Oksana Kozhemyakina, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophical and Political Sciences of the Cherkasy State Technological University with her bright defense at the G.S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences Ukraine doctoral dissertation in philosophy on the topic: “Trust as the value basis of social interaction” in the specialty 09.00.03 – social philosophy and philosophy of history.

We believe in the research talent and great potential of Oksana Nikolaevna, which is quite enough to rally around us the hearth of a powerful scientific school of the philosophy of trust in Ukraine !!!

“A moment that aches” – this is how the culprit called the long-awaited event that finally took place in her life.

For almost 20 years of her life, the applicant was in a whirlpool of many interesting ideas, projects, conferences, discussions, publications, monographs on research issues. And now, finally, the dissertation and its final chord – the announcement of the Decisions of the Dissertation Council for awarding the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy – took place!

“A moment that has absorbed years of hard work! – Oksana Kozhemyakina, who has already become a doctor of philosophical sciences, writes. – An instant that became possible thanks to the tireless support of the most dear and close people: Mila Symonenko, Olexii Kozhemiakina, Olexander Symonenko, Dmytro Kozhemiakin, Galyna Mokhovik; thanks to the valuable advice and support of colleagues in the department: Angela Boyko, Victoria Lukomsky-Datsenko, Olexander Kuleshov, Lyudmyla Sanzherovska and a wide circle of friends-scientists, not the last among whom were authors who supported the Ukrainian School of Archetypes. All of them inspired, reviewed, criticized, charged with positive! A moment that has absorbed the synergy of the efforts of the dissertation woman herself, her scientific adviser Anatoly Ermolenko and the world’s best opponents – Kateryna Karpenko, Mykhailo Boychenko and Oksana Dolgopolova! A moment that was the result of discussions, insightful and interested discussions, advice, new ideas on further directions of research during the work of the dissertation council! In a word, the impressions are incredible, the fatigue is insane, the mood is high))) Sincere gratitude to everyone, everyone, everyone! Yes, and it’s time to finally check what kind of life it is after defense)))”.

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