Psychological consultations

Psychological consultations

USA psychological consultations cover a wide range of issues related to solving the following vital problems:

  • Choice of the direction of professional self-realization corresponding to your individual nature
  • Diagnosis of a harmonious partner for a long relationship
  • Psychological solution for a childless couple to adopt a child
  • Psychological decision to find a marriage partner for a single mom / dad with a minor child

Our strengths

  • about 30 years of fundamental and scientific-applied, including monitoring, research (1992-2020), covering more than 140,000 respondents in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus
  • application of time-tested author’s diagnostic techniques, analytical and prognostic models and analysis algorithms
  • target orientation to achieve results in the interests of the client

Psychological consultation algorithm

  • Preliminary independent testing on the school website (, option “School projects” – “Know yourself”)
  • Clarification of important biographical circumstances of the client
  • Discussion with the client of the results of his testing
  • Formulation of practical advice and recommendations on the labor market and the implementation of professional duties / functions
  • Determination of further assistance to the client in career advancement

Consultant – social psychologist Eduard Afonin

  • Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology, Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Professor of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
  • founder of the Ukrainian school of archetypes, a specialist in military, gender, pedagogical and social psychology, well-known in Ukraine and abroad
  • e-mail:
  • mob.: +38 (067) 244 4659, +38 (095) 675 8417

Consultation rules:

  • The consultation takes place online
  • Payment can be made upon consultation
  • Payment is made to the card of Privatbank consultant, instructions for booking
  • Cost of consultation – by agreement

Important Publications

  • The epochal cycles of human development in Ukraine // The Great Co-evolution (global problems of our time: socio-historical analysis) [monograph.] / E. A. Afonin, A. M. Bandurko, A. Yu. Martynov. M .: PARAPAN, 2002.P. 12. Url: (in Ukrainian).
  • Human identity and features of its influence on politics and public administration / E. A. Afonin // Conceptual foundations of the interaction of politics and management: textbook. allowance. Kiev: NAGU, 2010.S. 265-289. Url: (in Ukrainian).
  • The psychosocial culture of government: a monograph. / V. sushi. Kiev: Worldview, 2012.344 s. Url: (in Ukrainian).
  • Color and psyche // Airport. 2006. No. 1. Url: (in Russian)