Social consultations

Social consultations

USA social counseling covers a wide range of issues related to the establishment of effective interaction between people, in particular:

  • Achieving an authoritative leadership style
  • Ensuring the quality of management of a public organization, business company, public institution
  • Mastering the techniques of self-organization and interaction
  • Overcoming conflicts in small groups
  • Development of the ability to master new patterns of behavior in social groups

Our strengths

  • about 30 years of basic and applied research, including monitoring, research (1992-2020), covering more than 140,000 respondents in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus
  • application of time-tested author’s diagnostic methods, analytical and prognostic models and analysis algorithms
  • target orientation on achievement of results in the interests of the client

Algorithm of social consultation

  • Clarification of the client’s problem in the social sphere of activity
  • Discussion with the client of important aspects of the problem
  • Diagnostics of a problem situation according to the author’s algorithm
  • Formulation of practical advice and recommendations
  • Determination of further assistance to the client in solving the problems

Social consultant – Tatiana Novachenko

  • Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Professor of the National Academy for Public Administration under the Present of Ukraine, a well-known specialist in Ukraine in studying the phenomenon of human authority and its design in management
  • e-mail:
  • mobile: +38 (097) 421 0548, +38 (050) 391 0119

Consultation rules:

  • The consultation takes place online
  • Payment can be made upon consultation
  • Payment is made to the card of Privatbank consultant, instructions for booking
  • Cost of consultation – by agreement

Important consultant publications

  • The authority of the head in public administration: textbook. Kyiv: NAPA, 2019. 168 p. (in Ukrainian)
  • Head in the system of public administration: textbook. Lviv: LIRDU NADU, 2018. 232 p. (in Ukrainian)
  • Novachenko T. V. Mechanisms for resolving political conflicts. “Parliamentarism”: a textbook. NAPA, 2016. pp. 513-525. (in Ukrainian)
  • Novachenko T. V. Archetypal paradigm of the authority of the leader in public administration: a monograph / T. V. Novachenko – Nizhyn-Kyiv: Publisher Lysenko MM, 2013. 320 p. Url: (in Ukrainian)
  • Synergetic approach in pedagogical self-organization: textbook. Kyiv: NPU named after MP Dragomanov. 2011. 99 p. (in Ukrainian)