USArch (Ukrainian School of Archetypes) arose as a scientific-practical interdisciplinary direction of studies in the field of the public administration science. It is closely related to the analytical psychology of a Swiss scientist Carl Gustav Jung, the American typology of persons of Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Briggs, and to the creative work of the Ukrainian sociologists Eduard Afonin and Olena Donchenko, a psychodiagnostician Leonid Burlachuk and an expert in culturology Sergii Kryms’kyi, a historian Andrii Martynov, and a politologist Yurii Romanenko.


USArch is a scientific-public community, which is open by its composition, of representatives of various scientific trends, who consider the actual problems of the theory and the history of public administration, the formation and the development of mechanisms of public administration and work on state’s power bodies and local self-administration bodies from the positions of archetypes of the collective unconscious.

Formation and development

Significant milestones on the path to the formation of the USA were the implementation by the founders of the following tasks:

  • Creation and adaptation for mass surveys of special psych diagnostic tools that made up the projective test “Methodology of color preferences” (author ⎯ E. Afonin; 1987, 1992) and the personal questionnaire “BAA” (authors ⎯ L. Burlachuk, E. Afonin, A. Donchenko; 2002);
  • Beginning of sociological monitoring of system-wide changes in Ukraine (1992-2016), Russia (2010, 2011) and Belarus (2010, 2011, 2013);
  • Understanding, generalization and conceptualization in societal (1994), cyclical (1996) and, in fact, in the archetypal (2010) paradigms of monitoring research data;• Establishment, as the main organizational and communicative form of the interdisciplinary discourse of scientists, the annual international theoretical and methodological seminar (TMS, 2010) and the contest of young scientists on the general theme: “Archetypes and Public Administration”.

The annual events of the Ukrainian School of Archetypes have brought together about 200 researchers from 15 countries (Belarus, Great Britain, Ghana, Georgia, Italy, Libya, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Egypt), published about 450 scientific articles on public administration issues.

In particular, in the framework of the annual events of the Ukrainian school of archetypes, the following were held:

  • I TMS-2010 “Archetypes and Public Administration”, July 13-14, 2010, Feodosia, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine;
  • II TMS-2011 “Archetypes and Public Administration: objective and subjective, conscious and unconscious in the processes of social integration and differentiation”, January 23-30, 2011, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt;
  • III TMS-2012 “Archetypes and Public Administration: mental and psychological aspects”, June 23-30, 2012, Barcelona, ​​Spain;
  • IV TMS-2013 and I International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: Institutional Forms, Mechanisms and Practices”, May 23-25, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine;
  • V TMS-2014 and II International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: Rationalization and Normative Practices”, June 13, 2014, Kiev, Ukraine;
  • VI TMS-2015 and III International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: Public Self-Organization, Social Mobility, Social Integration”, April 30, 2015, Uzhgorod, Ukraine – Skalitsa, Slovakia;
  • VII TMS-2016 and IV International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: Challenges and Risks of Social Transformation”, May 27 June 3, 2016 Kiev, Ukraine Tbilisi, Georgia;
  • VIII TMS-2017 and V International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: Mechanisms and Strategies for Conflict Resolution in the Modern World”, May 29-30, 2017, Kiev, Ukraine;
  • IX TMS-2018 and the VI International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: The European Space in the Dimensions of the Imaginary, Real and Ideal”, June 28-29, 2018, Montpellier, France.
  • X TMS-2019 and the VIІ International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypal and Public Administration: Strategies for Sustainable Development in the Context of Civilization Shifts”, April 30 – May 11, 2019, Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Poland) – Lviv, Ukraine.
  • XI TMS-2020 and VIII International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypal and Public Administration: Tradition, its Subjects and Sources in Post-Modern Society”, January 24-31, 2020, Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria, Egypt.

Increasing activity Ukrainian archetypal schools went beyond the traditional scientific framework and was embodied in innovative forms of implementing initiatives:

  • Opening of the USA web page (May 2014, http://usarch.org/), the further development of which the initiators aimed to turn into an instrumental case of global social and marketing research;
  • Establishment (October 2015) of an international lecture on “Patterns and Features of Ukrainian Transformation” with the goal of popularizing the results of research by USHA participants (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCiE7UTMLHiNAW5nY7tHQTM6wJeOPWyRy);
  • Organization (September 2016) of a discussion platform an international online club of friends of the Ukrainian School of Archetypes (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCiE7UTMLHiNdM-9MKDe4JC-QyqQsKWyp);
  • Licensing in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of the selective educational discipline “The Archetypal of Public Administration” for the vocational training cycle at the Presidential Administration of Ukraine under the President of Ukraine of applicants for higher education with a doctorate in philosophy (September 2016);
  • Search for Western partners of the USA, supporters of analytical psychology C. Jung: invitation of the honorary professor of the Sorbonne Michel Maffesoli to Kiev with lectures “Neotribalism and the modern policy of decentralization” (NASU under the President of Ukraine, May 29, 2017) and “Transformation of the political into ethical: moral values ​​of the postmodern space” (Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, May 30, 2017); organization of a joint Franco-Ukrainian scientific forum of archetypes (University of Montpellier 3, June 28-29, 2018); translation into Ukrainian and dissemination in Ukraine of the works of Western Jungian scholars (M. Maffesoli. “The Time of the Tribes”, 2018; J. Duran. “Anthropological Structures of the Imaginary”, 2020);• Preparation and presentation of copyright publications to the public: April 10, 2019 – Afonin E. A., Martynov A. Yu. Ukrainian miracle: from depression to social optimism. Kiev: Kiev-Mohyla Academy Publishing House, 2019.296 p. (Series “Open Research Concept”. Issue 18); November 6, 2019 Novachenko T. V., Afonin E.A. Authority of the head in public administration: textbook. allowance / nat. Acad. state control under the President of Ukraine. Kiev: NAGU, 2019.168 s. (Series “Open Research Concept”. Issue 20);
  • Development and presentation of the public ITA projects by the USA: November 29, 2019 – the first in Ukraine research online site of the Ukrainian school of archetypes.

Basic scientific publications of the USA

The main scientific publications of the USA (Library of archetypes) are available at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1soaitdqqbyNet9ZZitboMAR0Yb136MkZ