Archetypes and Public Administration: Rationalization and Normative Practices

Fifth International Theoretical and Methodological Seminar and
Second international competition for young scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: Rationalization and Normative Practices” ; Kyiv, Ukraine ; June 13-14, 2014

The purpose of the forum is to combine the interdisciplinary efforts of researchers working in various fields of social and humanitarian knowledge, and to discuss the theoretical and methodological foundations of the influence of the archetypes of the collective unconscious on public administration.

The priorities of the current discussion will be: the development of ideas about the nature of the collective unconscious and the legal practices and problems of lawmaking as one of the most important functions of state power, as well as the factors, content and forms of development of national systems of law as a guarantor of the life of society and the state in modern conditions of democratic development.