Archetypes and Public Administration: Institutional Forms, Mechanisms, and Practices

Fourth International Theoretical and Methodological Seminar and
The first international competition for young scientists “Archetypes and Public Administration: Institutional Forms, Mechanisms, and Practices” ; Kiev, Ukraine; May 22-26, 2013

The purpose of the forum is to combine the interdisciplinary efforts of researchers working in various fields of social and humanitarian knowledge, and to discuss the theoretical and methodological foundations of the influence of the archetypes of the collective unconscious on public administration.

Using the archetypal methodology, participants were invited to consider and discuss the problems of developing public administration in Ukraine and other countries of the world. In particular, it was proposed to review and discuss the following research problems:

  • Archetypes and technologies for manipulating the mass consciousness
  • Archetypes and public policy
  • Archetypal foundations of communicative practices in the public sphere
  • Archetypal approaches and models for the development of the public sphere
  • Archetypal political management
  • Archetypal foundations of ceremonies and rituals in the public sphere
  • Mechanisms and practices of public administration (archetypal paradigm)
  • Public policy and the system of power-management relations: an archetypal approach
  • Public administration and social dialogue in the mirror of archetypal
  • Other (in the archetypal paradigm)

In order to develop a community of researchers of the archetypal of public administration, it was proposed, starting from IV TMS-2013, to annually conduct in the integrated TMS format an international competition of young scientists (up to 35 years old).