Novachenko Tatiana Vasylivna

Date of birth: 1957-10-05
Higher education institution:ONU im.I.I.Myechnikova – Faculty of History;
SUNPU them. KD Ushinsky (Odessa) – music-pedagogical faculty;
Postgraduate Studies – Department of Pedagogy;
NAPA under the President of Ukraine PhD training – Department of Public Policy and Management.
Years of study:1986 – 1992;
1993 – 1998;
1998 – 2002;
Educational specialty:
Music teacher, history teacher, historian.
Scientific Degree:PhD of Pedagogical Sciences.
Academic status:Docent; specialty – 13.00.04 – theory and methodology of professional education.
Specialty: Theory and History of Public Administration.


Scientific interests: Professional self-organization. Authority authority in public authorities in the context of an archetypal approach.


Total posts:
Including in the context of archetype:44

Public / political activity

1995 – for now: President of the Ukrainian Society for the Promotion of Social Innovation
2001 – for now: Academician, Academician-Secretary of the Ukrainian Academy of Technology


City:s. Kyiv
Phone:+38 0384 210 55 48
+38 050 391 01 19
E-mail: tatnov(