The XII International Theoretical and Methodological Seminar and the VIII International Competition for Young Scientists on the topic: “Archetypal and public administration: tradition, its subjects and sources in post-modern society”

The Eleventh International Theoretical and Methodological Seminar and
Eighth International Competition for Young Scientists “Archetypal and public administration: tradition, its subjects and sources in post-modern society”; Alexandria, New Alexandria Library (Egypt); January 24-31, 2020

The program framework of the 2020 scientific forum will be determined by the problems associated with the study of the place of tradition in Postmodern society.

The Postmodern that succeeded Modernity brought with it an abyss of uncertainty. In these conditions, which from time to time fill the present with a crisis state, tradition brings us back to the past. At the same time, it fills the postmodern spirit of radical renewal, because the novelty in the tradition is not temporary, but ontological in nature. It is associated not with the gradual improvement of something transient, but with the assertion of ultimate perfection.

The tradition – by virtue of its self-surrender – belongs to a more present than an archaic past or even not yet constructed future. This is not a ossified legacy of the past, transmitted from generation to generation along the historical “horizontal”. Through tradition, a person tries to comprehend infinite space, the whole variety of ways of understanding and cognizing the life of an ancient person, and therefore – seeks himself in the present. That is why tradition begins with the “vertical”, – in fact, from that archetypal principle, which is known intuitively and without any layers of time, because it belongs not to the past, but to eternity.

  • Has Postmodern, with its total deconstruction, become the time of the “destruction of tradition”?
  • Or has it become a time of new manifestations of tradition?
  • How do traditions and innovations compare?
  • Do myths and prejudices rule the modern world?
  • Is it necessary to “revive” / “restore” traditions in the postmodern era?
  • Postmodern traditions: what will be the “archive” of the modern era?
  • Well, and finally, who are the subjects who are today involved in the fate of traditions?

These and other questions will determine the space for understanding the next topic XI TMS-2020 / VIII MKMN 2020.

The purpose of the event: to unite, on the basis of the methodology of social archetypal, the interdisciplinary efforts of representatives of social and humanitarian knowledge around solving theoretical and practical problems of public administration, in particular, seeing the future opportunities that the past created for our present, and therefore comprehending traditions, revealing its subjects and sources in postmodern society.

Forum participants are invited to choose one of the following areas for scientific reflection and discussion:

  1. Traditional activity, its nature and actors in modern – Postmodern society.
  2. The traditions of the state in terms of innovation.
  3. Psychotypes “rational” / “irrational” and their participation in the reconstruction of traditions.
  4. Traditions in culture, religion, language as a prerequisite for sustainable development.
  5. Tradition, its functioning and development in the context of the “Imaginer” by Gilbert Duran.

Date: January 24-31, 2020

Location: Alexandria, New Alexandria Library (Egypt).

Working languages: Ukrainian, English.Registration fee: none.