Origination. USArch (Ukrainian School of Archetypics) arose as a scientific-practical interdisciplinary direction of studies in the field of the public administration science. It is closely related to the analytical psychology of a Swiss scientist Carl Gustav Jung, the American typology of persons of Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Briggs, and to the creative work of the Ukrainian sociologists Eduard Afonin and Olena Donchenko, a psychodiagnostician Leonid Burlachuk and an expert in culturology Sergii Kryms’kyi, a historian Andrii Martynov, and a politologist Yurii Romanenko.

Formation. The remarkable milestones on the way of formation of USArch became the solution of the following problems by its founders:

Creation and adaptation of special psychodiagnostic tools for the mass polls such as the projective method of “color preferences” (the author ― E. Afonin, 1987-1992) and the personal inventory “BAD” (the authors – L. Burlachuk, E. Afonin, O. Donchenko);

  • Initiation of a sociological monitoring of general system changes ― in Ukraine (1992-2014), Russia (2010, 2011), Byelorussia (2010, 2011, 2013);

Comprehension of empiric data, generalization, and conceptualization in the societal (1994), cyclic (1996), and, properly, archetypical (2002-2010) paradigms.

Status. USArch is a scientific-public community, which is open by its composition, of representatives of various scientific trends, who consider the actual problems of the theory and the history of public administration, the formation and the development of mechanisms of public administration and work on state’s power bodies and local self-administration bodies from the positions of archetypes of the collective unconscious.

The annual theoretical methodological seminars (TMS) “Archetypes and public administration” with the international participation, which were initiated in 2010 as the main organizational form of the community, allow one to join the efforts of more than 150 researchers from 12 countries and more than 40 cities over the world. The annual international competitions, which started in 2013 in the frame of TMS, for young scientists present a social guarantee of the sustainable development of the domestic scientific school of the public administration archetypics.






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